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new podcast

Hsiao_Ling_H-Logo-Final-3000x3000It’s rare that I write 2 posts in a row these days! I wanted to share with you a new podcast I’m launching soon called Global Adoptee Talk, a podcast featuring the diverse voices of international and transracial adoptees around the globe. The podcast will feature 1:1 interviews with other international/transracial adoptees, and we’ll discuss topics related to international adoption, race/culture/identity, search and reunion, and mental health. The website is up and mostly functional, although I’m still working out some kinks, and you can listen to a brief preview of what we’ll present in Season One of the show. I hope that you’ll give the website a visit and  listen in to the preview. Just go to

And, please share the podcast with your adoption community! I’m off to work now…Thank you so much for visiting Global Adoptee Talk!