Book Reviews

Marijane Huang’s journey in search of her birth family and her “rediscovery” of newfound cultural roots is one of the most captivating and moving stories you will ever read. When we first featured excerpts of her story as it was unfolding, it instantly became one of the most shared and talked-about articles throughout our community.

In the 2nd generation Taiwanese American community, we are all too familiar with stories of personal struggle as individuals come to terms with their bi-cultural identity and sense of belonging in America. The exploration of our parents’ experiences is often the foundation from which the answers to our questions can be found. But, what happens when all of your assumptions about family and identity are turned upside down? The revelations from Huang’s adoption story and how she deals with each piece of new and sometimes shocking information sheds important light on how much our past and present relationships, as well as our desire to know from where we come, continue to shape who we are today. It’s an excellent reminder that truth and reconciliation are essential in achieving ultimate fulfillment in our lives moving forward.

Beyond Two Worlds is an unforgettable testament to family history through the eyes of an adoptee with a life full of experiences. Marijane Huang’s story–both a nail-biting thriller and tearjerker drama… if a personal memoir could ever be described as such–is a must-read for anyone who has ever contemplated the importance of family, lineage, and the strengthened sense of identity they give us through the generations.

— Ho Chie Tsai, Founder of, a website highlighting the amazing stories of Taiwanese America