happy mother’s day

me and momWishing all the mom’s out there a very happy Mother’s Day! My family and I went to my favorite vegan restaurant this afternoon, Mead’s Green Door Cafe, in Orange. I had the Vegan-terranean Pizza and a Salted Caramel Mocha- both were most delish!

Some of the happiest memories of my mom are around food. Mom was a fabulous cook, and we ate together as a family every night around the same time. She also baked frequently from scratch, especially around the holidays. I loved my mom’s fried rice and her apple and pecan pies! She made a really good rum ball, too, around Christmas time. I remember how yummy those rum balls looked as Mom layered them carefully between sheets of wax paper in a large Tupperware container – they were so deliciously round and dusted white to perfection with confectioner’s sugar. Because of the alcohol content, Mom refused to let me taste even one, although I remember sneaking a couple as a youngster one particular Christmas! It was rough being a kid.

I miss my mom terribly to this day. Sometimes, I remember childhood memories, and it’s like it was just yesterday that I was playing outside with the neighborhood kids on our green, grassy lawn past sunset. The fall months were especially beautiful when the weather cooled and the mosquitoes weren’t as bad. Mom and I had our struggles when I was growing up, but I will always deeply regret that we’ll never be able to talk as adults, as friends. I’m extremely grateful for my own daughter, Lexie, and for being a mom. Nothing in my life has been as monumental and rewarding as raising a daughter. She is truly the light of my life.

me and lexI also thought about my birth mom. I have a single black and white photo of her given to me by my biological sisters when I visited them in Taiwan. How I wish I could have met her. I will never understand why some things are the way they are and why they are not meant to be. Her picture reminds me that there is a part of my life that is unavailable to me. I’m okay with that at this point in my life, although there is a hole in my heart that will never heal. The absence of the woman who gave me birth is part of my story. Despite her absence, I’ll always carry her in my heart and hope that she is with me in spirit, just as I hope my adoptive mom is.

I hope you all had the opportunity to spend time with your mom and kids and family. To all of you whose mom is no longer with you, may you cherish her memory and remember fondly special times with her today and always.

2 thoughts on “happy mother’s day

  1. B Day

    Love the picture of you and your Mom. Lots of good memories on Pluto Drive.

    Have not received your book yet….hope it comes in the mail tomorrow. B.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jazzygirl Post author

      Hi Betty, you should receive your book soon. I’ve heard from others that they’ve received their copies. The picture is one of my favorites!



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