rainy day & writing

Retro typewriter writers deskIt’s been a rainy day out in Long Beach, California. Temperatures have been steadily rising over the past couple of weeks, so the rain and cooler temperatures are a welcome change. Along with the rainy weather, I have other news to report. I’m excited to share my new book with you. If you pre-ordered a copy last month, your book(s) will be shipped tomorrow! If you aren’t already aware, e-book and hardcover editions are now available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as AuthorHouse. All other orders, can be placed here on my website via Paypal. Unfortunately, I’m unable to ship internationally at this time; however, you can purchase all editions via Amazon.

Writing a first book has been a tremendous learning experience. As a new author, I didn’t know what to expect from the self-publishing platform. I can’t say that self-publishing has been an easy or very positive experience, but I have learned much about the process of writing a book and self-publishing. Despite opposition on different fronts in getting my book to you, I continue to journey on and truly look forward to hearing your comments.

Writing Beyond Two Worlds stirred up a seesaw of emotions. Surprisingly, there were things I found myself processing related to my trip to Taiwan and reunion with my birth family. It gave me the opportunity to relive one of the most significant events in my life, and the enormity of meeting and bonding with my sisters and extended family settled in deeper. I laughed and cried as I retold the events I experienced during the long search for my birth family and ultimate reunion. I ate a lot of popcorn and chocolate and washed it all down with glasses of red wine. The words tumbled out for the most part, although some events were incredibly difficult to describe in such a way that conveyed the emotional significance. Five years after my reunion, I long to return to Taiwan and revisit my family and cultural heritage. I continually wish for a deeper connection to my origins.

Well, friends, the evening is quickly wearing on. It’s now dark outside, the moon is hiding somewhere behind grey clouds. My days off from work seem to fly by like a rocket ship. Before I sign off, I want to send a very warm thank you to all who have already purchased my book and sincerely hope you enjoy reading it. Please send me your thoughts once you’ve finished. Author events are soon to be announced, so please stay tuned to BeyondTwoWorlds.com!

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