holiday greetings

Christmas is right around the corner! Where does all the time go? This has certainly been a Christmas like no other for our family. We are without a Christmas tree or holiday decorations because we’re staying in temporary housing until we’re able to move into our permanent home at the end of the month. It’s also the first year that our daughter has been away to college. I’m trying to get into the holiday spirit, but am having a difficult time. It’s been so busy with all of the arrangements for our new home. Christmas for me has always been so much about family, decorating the tree, and holiday baking. Our daughter is currently visiting friends in Arizona, and I haven’t felt much like baking in such an unfamiliar kitchen. It’s just an odd Christmas to say the least. But, I have much to be grateful for.

On top of all the house stuff,  I’ve been working on completing my book and actively seeking a new job. I’ve been on a couple of interviews and sent resumes and applications to multiple agencies, but nothing has panned out yet. I’m excited to share that I had the opportunity to speak with a representative from AuthorHouse with my editor, Allyson, this afternoon. AuthorHouse is the publishing company we’ve selected to publish my book, Beyond Two Worlds. I’m currently revising the manuscript and working with Allyson to get it ready for submission. My book is a memoir and focuses primarily on the search for my birth family in Taiwan and reunion with them, but also highlights the complexities I have personally experienced related to being raised by a white family, the losses and difficulties of navigating through two different cultures, racial discrimination/prejudice, and the long road towards self-acceptance. The book will be released in 2017!

In other news, it’s been thrilling to be of assistance to other international/transracial adoptees who have found their birth families recently! I was contacted by one young adoptee, seventeen years of age, some months ago who, at the time, was searching for her birth mother. She was able to find her birth mother and other family members through Facebook and is traveling back to Vietnam today to meet her birth mom. Another adult adoptee will be traveling back to her country of birth soon and was seeking help with translating some documents. My husband and I are friends with a couple in Arizona, Ted and Vanessa, and Vanessa has graciously agreed to help with the translation of documents. Vanessa is from south Taiwan, and her family still lives there. It gives me great joy to be able to help and connect with other adoptees along their journeys.

Lastly, merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all wherever you may be!  My heart goes out to any who are suffering loss at this time. It seems that in the world at this present time, there is much grief and loss. May you find peace and comfort during this holiday season. And, may you enjoy special time with family and friends <3.

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