on the horizon

tropical-beach-sunrise-wallpaper-images-6It’s hard to believe that three long years of graduate study are coming to an end. My thesis defense earlier this week went really well. I passed with no revisions – whew. I’ll be working on re-formatting my work and then sending it off once again for any other formatting issues. I’d like to say that I feel excited about graduating, but honestly I think I’m too tired to feel much of anything. I’m sure some of my classmates feel very much the same way. I am extremely lucky to have had some amazing professors who supported and encouraged me over the years. First, my advisor, Dr. Cecilia Ayón, who was beyond wonderful. Had it not been for her mentoring through this project, I think I would have given up somewhere along the way. Her feedback and support were invaluable, and she is a respected researcher. My committee was also very encouraging and supportive, Dr. Kelly Jackson and Dr. Paz Zorita. They provided feedback during my defense that will inform and guide all of my future research endeavors, should there be any. Special thanks also to Christina Peete, a good friend, and Laura Guild, my former policy professor, for taking time out of their busy schedules to attend my defense. There are two other professors who have  provided ongoing support over the past two semesters. Dr. Melissa Del-Colle, who not only lent a listening ear when I was facing a very difficult situation at one of my internships, but whose words of wisdom and support I will forever be grateful for. And finally, Dr. Elizabeth Anthony, who took a special interest in my thesis project, encouraged me along the way, and from whose classes I  have learned and gained so much from. I respect each of these women who set such a high standard not only for the profession of social work, but in their example of mentorship and teaching. I am truly inspired.

Soon, I’ll be looking for a permanent position somewhere; however, first I must complete my current internship at Chandler Fire, Health & Medical with the Crisis Response Team better known as CR288. I should be completely done by the end of June 2015. One more week of school left, one more paper to write, and one more internship to complete, then graduate school will be behind me. I think it’s about time.

6 thoughts on “on the horizon

  1. Jasi

    Hi Marijane,

    This is Jasi. Nice to meet you. I am happy to tell you that I was born, adopted and grew up in Taiwan!

    Now I live in Australia, It’s a wonderful country.

    Having done a Ph.D. myself, I can fully relate to your exhaustion. Once I was wondering when I would finish my study, but now? It’s been 1.5 years since receiving the title ‘Dr.’ which I worked hard to earned. It’s all worth it and as you said, you can see the horizon raising. Good job girl!

    I also share your struggles around identity and associated feelings (which I talk openly in my blog). Through years of inner work (and the fact getting older!), more and more I feel comfortable in my own skin. That is why I started my blog sharing my journey. I hope to connect with many more adoptees out there and let the sharing do the healing. It’s an on-going thing.

    I would like to invite you to participate in my research and share your voice with the community. It’s only 10 questions and will take you less than 10 minutes. If you have some spare moments in your break to do this survey, I am sure your experience and your insights into your journey will be much appreciated.


    I pray for your daughter and send her love.

    Warm regards,


    1. jazzygirl29 Post author

      Hi Jasi, thanks for your comments and encouraging words! I hope to pursue a doctorate in a couple of years so that I can continue to conduct research on international adoptees and issues related to racism and identity. I’m so glad to connect with you! I just completed your survey and wish you the best in your research! I look forward to reading your blog and your research in the future. I had the opportunity to visit Australia in 1989 after I graduated from college. It was such a beautiful country, and I’d love to visit again one day. I, too, have had to work through many years of struggling with identity and such. It’s taken a very long time to feel comfortable in my own skin. Thanks again for visiting my blog. It’s so encouraging to connect with other adoptees from Taiwan! Take care and please keep in contact.


  2. anewmoon123

    Such an accomplishment, Marijane, and being on the journey with you continues to be a pleasure. Your writing and your research opened my eyes more than once. I know your work will be published and used as an adjunct in any class helping people understand life that is different from one we experience. You are, among many things, a very brave woman who inspires me to climb higher Love to you, Mj. xo



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