adoptive parent support group

adoptionphotoI’m going to miss the lazy days of summer and meeting up with friends at my favorite coffee stops. Tuesday, my friend, Kathy, and I met at The Coffee Shop to catch up on life. Kathy and her husband, Dave, have two girls, one biological and one adopted from China. Inevitably, we talked about adoption. Kathy and Dave adopted their little girl from China nearly six years ago. We marveled at how quickly time has gone by since their adoption. Kathy talked about some of the joys and challenges of raising an adopted child and how’s she’s coping with it all. We got to talking about starting an adoptive parent support group in our area, as nothing like that exists in our part of town. Actually, I’m not an adoptive parent, so Kathy volunteered to head up this support group. One thing that adoptive parents mentioned at our screening of “The Invisible Red Thread” was the desire for a deeper connection to other adoptive families. So, Kathy and I thought we’d put out some feelers to see how much interest there is for an adoptive parent support group. There are no dates or anything else set up at the moment because we wanted to see who else would be interested. The group would be primarily for adoptive parents who have adopted children internationally.

One of the reasons we wanted to start an adoptive parent group is to provide support to adoptive families who are going through similar challenges. It’s difficult for others who have not adopted to understand what these challenges are like. The support group would give parents an opportunity to talk to and encourage each other, share resources, advice, etc. If you’re interested in participating in such a group, please contact me via my blog. Just leave a comment below, or via my contact page. We will see where things lead!

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  1. Don't We Look Alike?

    Marijane, if your group wants us to publish a publicity post about its formation to try to get other members, send us a ready-to-publish post. Not sure if we have other Phoenix readers, but it couldn’t hurt–if you have time to do it. Luanne



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