just checking in…

Well hello out there! It’s been awhile since my last posting. We’ve been busy with school, dance practices, etc. I haven’t had much to talk about lately, so I was wondering if there are any topics that you may  be interested in reading about, i.e., on adoption, identity issues, reuniting with birth families, or anything else. Leave a comment, and we’ll see where things take off. And thanks for stopping by beyond two worlds!

5 thoughts on “just checking in…

  1. Bethany

    My daughter is six years old and was adopted from Taiwan. We exchange letters with her family there with the help of a translator. She currently studies Mandarin after school. For now she enjoys going and seeing her friends. I wonder as she gets older and the curriculum more difficult if she’ll be as positive towards the program. Should I approach it like the dentist? May be unpleasant, but is good for you. Should I respect her potential future wishes to quit (even though learning as a child is so much easier). How important is learning the language? What would you advise?

    Also, we’re planning a trip back to Taiwan with her next summer. Do you have any particular recommendations? My daughter is standing by me now and wants to ask you what it is like in Taiwan. Also she wants you to know she’s lost three teeth. 🙂

    Your posts mean so much to me. There are not enough voices like yours on the web and I eagerly soak up your perspective on things and any wisdom you have to share. Thank you.


    1. Marijane Post author

      Bethany, thank you very much for your comments. I’ve got to get better at replying sooner!

      First, I think it’s awesome that you are able to exchange letters with your daughter’s family in Taiwan! How special is that connection you’ve made with her birth family and that you’ve made that happen for your daughter. I’m so happy to hear that the birth family is also open to your letters. I imagine that they mean a lot to them. I hope that your daughter continues to study Mandarin as she gets older. That being said, it’s so hard to tell if her interest in studying Mandarin will wain as she grows and other interests begin to develop. I would continue to encourage her to keep taking lessons as long as possible. Ultimately, though, I’m not sure that I would press her if she becomes very resistant around the teen years. She can always go back to it one day should she decide to quit studying.

      Tell her that Taiwan is a very beautiful country. I was in Taipei mostly, the older part of Taipei, which was mostly buildings. But I also visited Huelien, which is absolutely beautiful. My sisters and I stayed in a little inn literally right by the ocean. We also visited Taroko National Park on the way to Huelien, worth a visit. There are many fun places to visit in Taipei, like Taipei 101, which is a huge building with 5 levels of shopping and an amazing food court! It’s the 2nd tallest building in the world, I believe. There are also many wonderful places to eat – the food is amazing! The Shilin Night Market, Chang Kai Shek Memorial, the National Palace Museum, and the zoo in Taipei are great places to visit. I hope to go back in a couple of years. Please also tell her congratulations on losing 3 teeth! That’s great!

      Thank you again for stopping by and for your comments. It means so much to me to hear from parents like you!




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